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Reviews of EasyGearShop

26 Aug 2022

We successfully delivered our products to more than 100,000+ happy customers in our 2 years of journey on various eCommerce platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, Meesho & Snapdeal, Coutlott, Yaari, etc. 

How does our journey start?

In the year 2020 Meesho launched an android app called PopShop where they offered free shipping, free return, and a zero commission platform for sellers, and where anybody/newbie could become a seller without GSTIN & trademark. But after 1 Year app closed, then we moved towards other available options of eCommerce in India. 

We are now a registered firm under Indian laws. We have GSTIN, Two trademarks, and one owned website where you are reading this information right now. 

We always worked on customers' needs, we offered our products at the most affordable price than competetors.

To build more customer trust we are sharing some screenshots, product links, and successfully delivered tracking links, below. 

Our Product on Flipkart under EASYGEAR Brand. Click Here to see

Our Product on AMAZON under EASYGEAR Brand. Click here to see

Succeccfully delieverd product's courier tracking links.

Tracking link-1
Tracking link-2
Tracking link-3
Tracking link-4
Tracking link-5
Tracking link-6
Tracking link-7
Tracking link-8
Tracking link-9
Tracking link-10